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Please note – any offer to do the course is based on your eligibility for funding for Further Education courses. This is primarily based on your residency status in the UK and this will be assessed as you move through the application journey.

Supported Internship

To be eligible to enrol on to a Supported Internship you:

  1. Must have an EHCP
  2. Must be willing to be embedded in an external employer with support that is gradually withdrawn placed with work placement outside the college
  3. Must provide at least one reference (work based if possible)
  4. Must be able to use public transport independently on familiar routes
  5. Must provide a personal statement, within the application form. Please prepare this in advance before starting the application process. You will need to include:
    1. Details of work previous work experience
    2. Why an internship has been applied for
    3. The skills and qualities that the applicant can bring to the programme